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Starting from understanding what your business really needs, we will onboard through each step of the way.

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Our ERP DX Consulting Services

People and technology work hand in hand

Fully compatible
 Odoo - our key solution, works perfectly with other business tools and software as well (External databases, other programs, etc.).

IoT Integration

A smart and simplified module will be applied for better integration of IoT devices.

DATEV Integration

Integrate to strengthen your current accounting software and the accounting profession as well.

Critical Business Insights

Improve your business performance by critical business insights provided by experienced advisors from Onnet.

Digital Transformation with ERP in 3 steps

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Together walk through customized plans and analyze your business insights

Onboard through each step of the way, from evaluating to deploying.

How to estimate the budget of an 

ERP Implementation

There are three main stages of ERP project pricing:

  • Licensing: Depend on hosting, apps, team members.
  • Implementation process: Depending on the time it takes to do the analyzing, deploying, coding, training, etc.
  • Support and Maintenance: There will be a customized plan which has both technical support and training.

Get Ready With Odoo 

- Open Source ERP and CRM

Improve Busniess


All applications are integrated

Automate All

Access data anytime, anywhere